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Business Advisory

Looking to improve your cash flow? Need help planning or financing your next project? Not sure where the cash is at the end of the year? Let us guide you. Our years of experience working with small businesses allow us to provide guidance with in the following areas:

Financial Stability, Operational Efficiency, Demand Generation, and Employee Productivity.

With David Edward Business Solutions, you can take your business to the next level to grow and cash flow for years to come.

         Financial Stability:

  • Financial X-Ray

  • Strategic Financial Planning

  • Proprietary Financial Analysis

  • Cash Flow Planning

  • Loan/Banking Consulting

  • Cash Management Analysis

  • KPI Analysis

         Operational Efficiency:

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Bottleneck Analysis

  • Space Optimization


        Demand Generation:

  • Improving Product Value

  • Generating Demand

       Employee Productivity:

  • Team Building

  • Communication Skills

  • Strategy / Problem Solving Skill Building

  • Leadership Skills

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